Greeting from the President

Our company was founded in 1895. For more than 100 years, we have devoted ourselves to the creation of a variety of flavors and fragrances.
As a pioneer in the industry, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude to our customers, partners, and all concerned for their generous support and confidence in us.
We made our way through the postwar growth period and the subsequent period of economic stabilization to the present. Today, amid challenging economic circumstances, the overall strength and capability to look into the future and address the challenges it holds with intelligence, vision, and clear judgment is absolutely fundamental to our future as a company. I am confident that, by responding with sensitivity to the continuing environmental changes in the market, and in our daily lives, we will pass through these uncertain times and survive to enjoy further growth and success.
Based on the fundamental philosophy of our company, encapsulated in our motto "Building a better society through fragrance and flavor," we hold up missions for each division to carry into their day-to-day operations. "Technological innovation" and "globalization" are particularly important issues, and it is vital that all our employees clearly understand their roles and feel free to give unstintingly of their talents and energy in creating our products.
We are working ever harder to meet our customers′ expectations by bringing about technological innovations through basic research and the development of new products. As part of an advanced, informationbased society, we are continuing with our efforts to collect and analyze information from all around the globe. We are also mindful of the need to provide reliable products to customers not only in Japan but all around the world, demonstrating our key commitment to being a manufacturer of safe and reliable products.
We are striving to meet challenges at the microscopic level of scent analysis and development to create technologies and products that we can take to the wider world of the global marketplace. To ensure that our corporate engines run smoothly and purposefully, I will, with your continued support, strive to provide the necessary leadership and encouragement.

Osamu Harada President