The First impression to deliciousness

Food is often regarded as a comprehensive art. Besides the food itself, the colors of table wares, the talks at the dining table, and the ambience make up the experience.
If food culture is to be described as a symphony, the scent is said to bring harmony to the overall taste.

It is said that scents were introduced to Japanese culture during the Asuka period. Since then, the Japanese culture highly involve scents and hence the Japanese had developed a delicate sense to scents. The appreciation of scents had further evolved to forms of arts such as 「香道」(kodo), which is the art of appreciating and distinguishing between scents of Japanese incense and also「茶道」(sado), more commonly known as ‘tea ceremony’ or the appreciation of different scents from teas resulting in seasons change. Seasonality is often demonstrated by scents in Japanese cuisine; Yuzu and Japanese pepper are indispensable elements in「和食」(washoku) or traditional Japanese cuisine that was recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.
The culture of scent appreciation is inherited as the form of flavors in the present world. Flavorings are used to add scents to food products. It is used to enhance the original scent of food, sustain the longevity of scent and mask any unpleasant odor generated during manufacturing process. Flavorings are often designed and developed with reference to these three main purposes.

At Nagaoka, we create unique flavors using enzyme modification technology, extraction technology, and NFT® technology which we have cultivated over the years.
With the current health conscious food trend, food products are formulated with new materials, such as artificial sweeteners, that may cause food to be less fragrant or tasty. Nagaoka offers flavors that help with masking or improving off-taste, and we are also constantly developing flavors that will provide a natural taste to food.

Besides making food more delicious by flavorings, Nagaoka had also come out with a set of functional flavors targeted towards food products with healthy claims. Our Triple boosters are applicable in 「low sugar」「low fat」「low salt」concept products. We aim to prevent food wastage and also support consumers’ health by providing delicious options to food products.
At Nagaoka, we are committed to meet the needs of local and global customers by creating products that are in compliance to laws and regulations of respective countries. Furthermore, we are also able to provide Halal or Kosher certified flavors.

NFT®:Nagaoka Functional Technology
Nagaoka’s unique technology that maximizes the taste of natural food materials.

Triple Boosters